Waitress is a new pop-trio out of Copenhagen, Denmark. Half swedish, half danish they are as scandiavian hip as possible. Waitress consists of 3 heavy-weighters from the danish indie-scene: Aske Bode (producer for Hymns From Nineveh, The Eclectic Moniker etc.), Andreas Brixen (Bodebrixen, Hymns From Nineveh, Freja Loeb) and John De Lira (Lars And The Hands Of Light, Kala-OK).

The music is gritty and pumping pop music. Their first single “Young In Mind” are released digitally now, and their upcoming EP, Bilbao, is released 16 March 2015.


Waitress Press Photo
Waitress - Bilbao

Let this song and video be a testament to the fact that there is zero melancholy to their sound, as the dance synths bounce and they celebrate being young and living in the right now (…) their fan base is sure to grow internationally with their upcoming EP release.

The Wild Honey Pie

“Young In Mind” is one of those songs that just instantly grabs you by the collar and sucks you in with its off-center song structure. (…) This song is a fully fledged hit that deserves all the love you can give it.


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