Striving Vines


Striving Vines got off to a great start with their debut album from 2011, with airplay on both Danish and German radio. Airplay that spun the band on several tours counting more than a 100 concerts altogether.
Much has happened since Striving Vines’ debut. The band decided that they would start recording themselves to be involved in all aspects of the music production and create a great new sound from scratch; they acquired a studio in the heart of Copenhagen and began the experiment. The album ‘Obstacles’ is a testimony of what they achieved during that journey.
With inspirations such as The Preatures, MGMT and Twin Sister, the band has surely brought something completely original to life. Combining 80’s song writing and a 60’s sound production supported by the clear, charismatic voice of lead singer Jonas Møller, the band has developed a fresh exiting sound.


Striving Vines - Obstacles
Striving Vines Press Photo

Gary Barlow would sell his soul for some of the tracks.


The musical arrangements blow your mind off and they hold an ace up their sleeve, that trumps a lot of other indie bands on the musical horizon right now – their singer Jonas. His voice is crystal clear and oh boy, he can hit some serious high notes that made me envy him – just a little bit. In a nutshell, his voice is immaculate.


The upcoming album of Striving Vines is beautiful pretty pop melodies with an English flair, lots of talent and some spine-tingling moments.

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