Danish band Masasolo caught everybody’s attention last year with their debut EP “Breakup”. Some have compared their guitar-driven indie with Connan Mockasin and Mac Demarco, and they definitely have similar 70s influences – from heartbreaking indie ballads to hard-hitting guitar solos.

Lately US national radio station KCRW had the debut single “Really Thought She Loved Me” as track of the day, DK magazine Soundvenue had it as one of the 10 best singles in 2016 and UK blog Jajaja picked the band as one of 5 bands from Denmark to watch out for in 2017.

The debut EP “Breakup” consists of honest stories from lead singer Morten Søgaards own experiences of entering adulthood while overcoming a lost love. Where you’re forced to confront the mixed feelings of lost youth and reevaluate the dream of the great love.

The EP joins a long tradition of rock albums about failed relationships, but where they mostly deal with the time leading up to the break, “Breakup” touches upon the mixed emotions on the other side.

The EP was released September 2016.



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Masasolo - Really Thought She Loved Me
Masasolo - Really Thought She Loved Me
Masasolo - Really Thought She Loved Me
Masasolo - Really Thought She Loved Me


  Masasolo Tech Rider 2016-2


Label Aske Bode Antiphonics
Booker Nicolai Demuth Skandinavian


The band is one fans of laid-back psychedelic are going to want to pay attention to ahead.

With their dreamy vocals and a warm ambiance emanating from the soft guitaring, Masasolo breaks into the indie scene with a highly likeable single.

Masasolo are instantly likeable and we’ll certainly be pining for more from this cool Copenhagen quartet next year.

Ja Ja Ja Music

The EP is a good example of a fine debut which does a lot, but promises even more in the future.


A debut EP is (almost) never perfect, but this might be, in my opinion, as close as it gets.

Sound Of Aarhus