Goldie Chorus


Goldie Chorus can be a difficult band to describe. If you ask the band they will use terms such as; gender confused, vulgar, ugly and optimistic to describe his own music ­and yes the music is this and much more than that.

Goldie Chorus draws on the aesthetics of the 70s and 80s: ethereal synths, cheap saxophones and dreamy vocals densifies when the mix with soul rhythms and insisting drum machines in their alternative pop songs. Songs that also reaches into the future because of the modern production techniques applied without any regard for the past.

Goldie Chorus embraces everything from the plastic to the experimental – they consume it, they process it and they reproduce it. Dream and reality mix in their narratives about everything from space adventures to oriental Disney romances.



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Masasolo - Really Thought She Loved Me
Masasolo - Really Thought She Loved Me
Masasolo - Really Thought She Loved Me


I think it's safe to say that I like this from top to bottom. It manages to balance a modern sound with a slightly-more-classic style (a la The Flaming Lips), doing so effortlessly.

Indie Shuffle

Smooth synths, soul grooves, vocals in the Bowie-vein. Copenhagen trio Goldie Chorus seem to have it all.

Poule D'or

Take shoegazing psychpop and add contagious melodies and tempo


It demands patience to jump into the waves of it's dreamy ocean, but the sunny melodies keeps the listener entertained.