Having been a familiar face on the Danish underground music scene for some years, Anja T. Lahrmann took time out to further indulge her interest in electronic composition by studying computer-generated music. Over the summer of 2016 her explorations resulted in the first steps of recording as a solo artist under the guise of Excelsior.

With Excelsior Lahrmann draws on inspiration from enduring musical beacons such as Broadcast and the inimitable Trish Keenan, and more recent artists like Julia Holter. She also looks back through the history of avantgarde electronic music by artists like Mort Garson and Morton Subotnick. One particular piece of music, which has heavily influenced the sound on the EP’s five songs, is Guillaume De Machaut’s “Messe de Notre Dame”, a polyphonic choral piece for 4 singers. This left a lasting impression on Lahrmann – as well as those who involuntarily eavesdropped on her obsessive and repeated listening.

Lahrmann is interested in textures, and still life tensions whether in the ethereal or physical realms. This is audible in Excelsior’s sonic landscape, where illustrative words reveal lyrical echoes of Danish poet Inger Christensen’s seminal work Azorno: Blending the boundaries between fiction and reality, in maze-like meta tales.



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Masasolo - Really Thought She Loved Me


Label Aske Bode Antiphonics
Booker Kat Jarby Kaja Management


"Gentle pulses of synths wash over doleful guitar lines, while Lahrmann's precise and pure choir-like vocal is a crystalline presence."

The Line Of Best Fit

Her minimalistic production really sees to highlight her as a storyteller and singer.