Bodebrixen is a well-known name on the danish music scene. Having played almost anything worth mentioning in Denmark (Spot Festival, Skanderborg Festival, Roskilde Festival etc.) they continued their journey to countries like the UK, Sweden and Iceland.

After the release of the LP “Out Of Options” in 2012 things have gone quiet around the band, but soon they are back with new material, we promise!



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Masasolo - Really Thought She Loved Me


Bodebrixen pull of some of the cleverest, most joyous indie on the planet. It takes genuine talent to play a set that incorporates whistling, humming, whoa-whoa’s and happy clapping and still seem cool.


Their happiness evokes early Haircut 100 or Housemartins with a Belle & Sebastian twist. Musically, this sing-along pop is so perfect it sounds like you dreamt it up.


Clad in cheesy white t-shirts and clearly delighted to be here, they keep the audience in similarly high spirits with a bag of songs more hook-laden than a Norwegian whaling boat.